7.2. The Chariot
7.2. The Chariot

The Chariot

A drastic rework of the chariot card.

The original version, which can be seen below, contained a much smaller chariot with side-view sphinxes on a victory arch. I never was quite happy with this depiction, so changed it a few times, before re-doing it in its entirety. I've re-drawn some cards, but never changed the entire concept of them, which I did here.

What I changed:
I ditched the idea of the triumph arch and went back to the larger, card-encompassing depiction of the chariot-rider, like in the Rider-waite set. Then I changed the rider to Amun-Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun who rides across the sky. This seemed appropriate as the card already contains Sphynxes, and I have already depicted other mythology figures in the set (the fates of greek mythology, adam and eve, Odin hung from the tree...).

I gave Amun-Ra a bow and arrow, as this was the main use of Chariots in ancient Egypt, and gave him the cow-and sun disk of the priestess card (which in turn was inspired by the disks on Egytpian gods heads).

I decided to drop the black-and white motif of the sphynxes that the Rider-Waite set has, as I tried it and it didn't work visually.


Update 5/11/2023:
Updated the card to the black white and gold model of the rest.
Made no changes except for adding 2 arrows. Aside from that, just played around a little with where gold would fit best.

Edit 22/11/2023:
Changed the sphinxes back to an earlier design that feels like a better fit to me.

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