0. The Fool
0. The Fool

The first card in my tarot set design. This is still a work in progress, I intend to color/paint them all when I'm finished, but I'm sketching them all out first to align the compositions, proportions and aesthetic.

For the fool, I let myself be inspired by the jester/joker cards, instead of turning him into a hobo. The first draft had him look more like Diogenes the philosopher, but then I realised that made him too similar to the Hermit card.

So instead I went for the Venetian Jester design. Since this set is ment as a personal portfolio, it made sense, because my great-grandfather used to dress up as a Jester for his friends. (despite being a noble himself).
After some research, I've found out that this story is not true, which is perfect, because it means that I am The Fool. Full circle people.

I also used my Logo instead of the "0", letting myself be inspired by the "Outsider" card in the Dishonored tarot set, which uses their logo on said card.

Edit 27/04/2021: updated the art to be more in line with the more recent pieces. Will do minor updates to the magician and chariot as well.

Edit 15/11/2021:
Starting to understand George Lucas's mindset, because I keep coming back to change this one.
While I was happy(er) with the overal result over the previous version, I disliked the pants, so changed that around. Then it was pointed out to me that the hands could be improved, so I did that too.
Then, I also changed the icon at the top to reflect my personal logo more, and made it white because this one gets to stand out more compared to the others.

Edit 29/11/2021: Put the pillar from version 1 back below the jester, so that it's higher up in the card, and re-did the flowers/thorns at the bottom

Edit 17/05/2022:
As a series of new edits, I changed the legs of this one into a proper ballerina pose, something I didn't realise I was trying to do all along.

Edit 21/09/2023:
Added the final painted and black/white/gold variants

Edit 20/11/2023:
Removed the sun, changed the curtains and changed the composition of the orbs to make everything less cluttered and more readable

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