10. The Fates
10. The Fates

The Fates.
I changed the wheel of fortune card to the fates. I felt like the wheel of fortune was a lot more abstract than the rest, and less rooted in the pagan/non christian mythos I was drawing inspiration from for the other cards. Changing it to the Fates allowed me to lend symbolism from the Greek Mythos. But I kept the concept of a wheel, as the spinning wheel is still present, and I kept the concept of fate, except here it's represented in the thread of fate.

Aside from that I didn't actually feel the need to add more detail or small symbols, as the Moirai already come with their own set of stuff to draw: the thread, the 3 ladies, the wheel, the scissor...

More artwork
Arnesson art thomas hugo 2 of coins 5 square smallerArnesson art thomas hugo arnesson art thomas hugo 0 the fool gold v5 smallerArnesson art thomas hugo 1 the magician alt colored 5 smaller