14. Temperance
14. Temperance

14 Temperance

Here's the 14th card, temperance! Inspired by very ordinary seraphim like angels, no 8 wings, not covered in eyes, no multiple heads, no "be not afraid".
Just 2 grails that she's pouring into each other, which I've taken from the Magician card for consistency.

Aside from that, mostly inspired by Alfred Mucha and the Psychick sisters from One Punch man.
And some MTG cards.

Edit 14/11/2021:
Changed the wings to be a bit more streamlined and less chaotic.

Edit 17/05/2022:
Edited her dress heavily, and tweaked her hair. Overall I feel like this is a calmer, more Mucha-inspired piece.
I tried to emulate the flowing robes of MTG angels before, but I'm just not good enough an artist to pull that off.

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