21. The World
21. The World

XXI The world

And there it is, the final design of the Major Arcana, the world.
Didn't take a grain of inspiration from the Rider-Waite deck for this one, but instead started from scratch. Went for an old-timey looking globe enveloped by a snake, the snake being an obvious reference to Yormungandr, the world snake of Norse mythology.
The background is in line with the Moon and Stars cards.

Next up is all the Kings, Queens, Knights and Jacks of the Minor arcana, all the "lower" minor arcana cards, back designs, and coloring each card.
Not even close to the finish line yet on this one.

Edit 05/07/2022: Changed the face, didn't like the old one

More artwork
Arnesson art thomas hugo 2 of coins 5 square smallerArnesson art thomas hugo 0 the fool color 12 smalerArnesson art thomas hugo 1 the magician colored 10 2 smaller